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2015-2016 Participating Schools & Teachers

Create Schools of Excellence in Fine Arts Education

Click here for a list of websites of schools participating in the 2015-2016 AP Fine Arts Incentive Program.

Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD

Creekview High School
Elena Bennett AP Art History 
Leah Waters   AP Studio Art Cindy Sommerman    AP Studio Art and AP Fine Arts Lead
Bob Thomas     AP Studio Art
Jeff Harvick     AP Music Theory

Coppell ISD
Coppell High School

Ann Clark AP Art History
Tamera Westervelt
AP Studio Art and AP Fine Arts Lead
Elsa Reynolds               Pre-AP Studio Art
Josh Brown                 AP Music Theory
Brandon Slovak AP Music Theory 



Dallas ISD
Booker T. Washington HSPVA
Krystal Read                AP Art History 
Kyle Clark       AP Studio Art Paige Furr       Pre-AP Studio Art and Fine Arts Lead Cassie Edmondson            AP Studio Art 
John Hernandez                Pre-AP Studio ArtLeslie Eames-Pierce Pre-AP Studio Art

Kent Ellingson                  AP Music Theory 

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD
Colleyville Heritage High School
Toni Byam-Pirotte Pre-AP Studio Art
Casey Muckley AP Music Theory
Barbara Robertson AP Studio Art
Sarah Roye AP Art History, Studio Art and Fine Arts Lead
Patt Walker Pre-AP Studio Art

Grapevine High School
Joanne Fuller Pre-AP Studio Art
Casey Muckley AP Music Theory
Jeff Nisbet AP Art History, Studio Art and Fine Arts Lead
Allan Riddell Pre-AP Studio Art

Lovejoy ISD
Lovejoy High School
Amanda Beller            AP Art History 
Chris Mason AP Music Theory
Brice McCasland                  AP Studio Art and AP Fine Arts Lead
Jeff Seidel              AP Studio Art

Richardson ISD                  

Richardson High School

Allison Steinberg           AP Art History

Sonia Krusleski  AP Studio Art and AP Fine Arts Lead

Randy Findley               AP Studio Art

Beth Grant-Field                  Pre-AP Studio Art

Kate Rifkin AP Studio Art

Jesus Marquez            AP Music Theory

Plano ISD

Senior High Schools (Grades 11-12)

Plano East Senior High School
Kerry Kirpach            AP Art History and Studio Art
Ashley Bruegel               AP Studio Art 
Andrea Weide              AP Studio Art and IB Studio Art
Colin McGrane              AP Studio Art and AP Fine Arts Lead 
Brandon Pedigo           AP Music Theory

Plano Senior HS

Tiffany Thurman            AP Art History

Allison Garrison           AP Studio Art 

Andrew Serie                 AP Studio Art and AP Fine Arts Lead

Steve Luthye                AP Music Theory



Plano West Senior HS

Doug Darracott             AP Art History
Ted Kincaid                   AP Studio Art 

Sarah Depetris       AP Studio Art and AP Fine Arts Lead

Akira Sato               AP Music Theory

Jeanine Gaston AP Studio Art 


High Schools (Grades 9-10)

Clark High School
David Bearden              Pre-AP Studio Art
Daren Causey               Pre-AP Studio Art
Thomas Martinez           Pre-AP Studio Art

Jasper High School

Adriane Anderson     Pre-AP Studio Art

Jeri Dockery                Pre-AP Studio Art


McMillen High School

Patrick France Pre-AP Studio Art

Adriana Martinez-Gonzalez     Pre-AP Studio Art

Shepton High School

Mickalena Dukes Pre-AP Studio Art
Kim Paser
              Pre-AP Studio Art

Melissa Pierce              Pre-AP Studio Art

               Pre-AP Studio Art

Williams High School

Melissa Backus Pre-AP Studio Art
Christine Miller               Pre-AP Studio Art

Alexis Noland Pre-AP Studio Art


Vines High School

Debbra Kurtz-Gato        Pre-AP Studio Art
Ransom White Pre-AP Studio Art






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