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AP Art History

AP Art History encourages students to explore the history of art.

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In the course, students examine major forms of artistic expression from the ancient world to the present and from a variety of cultures. They learn to look and analyze works of art within their historical context, and to articulate what they see or experience in a meaningful way. A meaningful way to experience works of art is learning to frame an understanding that relates how and why works of art communicate visual meaning. — College Board

The AP Art History incentive program seeks to introduce art history to secondary education.

  • Teacher trainings deliver ongoing, quality training that is content-based and specifically designed for AP success. These opportunities allow fellow colleagues to convene and discuss updates in their field.
  • Student support programs serve to motivate high school students to take AP Art History, achieve high goals in academics in high school and in their future college careers.

The students’ and teachers’ learning experiences are enriched by exposing them to outstanding local cultural resources like the Dallas Museum of Art and the Kimbell Art Museum. Annually, teachers and students can view world-class art exhibitions while learning from the experiences of art museum educators and curators.

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