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Young Masters Exhibition

Since 1995, the O’Donnell Foundation and the Dallas Museum of Art have generously sponsored the Young Masters exhibition. The Young Masters Fine Arts AP fine arts exhibition celebrates the knowledge and creativity of each grant program: AP Art History, Music Theory and Studio Art. Integrating all three disciplines at this prestigious event reflects the mission of ODF to support schools of excellence in fine arts.


The 2018 Young Masters AP fine arts exhibition is on display February 24-April 15 in the Concourse Gallery of the Dallas Museum of Art. All registered grant high school AP fine arts students who are currently enrolled (2017-18) or who were formerly enrolled (2015-17) in the O'Donnell Foundation incentive program and passed the College Board AP fine arts exam(s) were invited to submit the following works for the exhibition:  
  • AP Art History – an original essay in response to a work in the DMA’s permanent collection
  • AP Music Theory – an original four minute composition
  • AP Studio Art – an original two-dimensional or three-dimensional art work


Sixty-four works were selected from 667 submissions for the 2018 Dallas Museum of Art AP fine arts exhibition, February 24-April 15, Concourse Gallery. An evening reception and recognition ceremony was held at the DMA on WednTuesday, March 6, 2018. 

2018 AP Studio Art Young Masters

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